Saturday, October 20, 2012

Science Fun!

Hello, everyone! I'm Penny from Superlative Science!

Superlative Science
I teach K-3 Science Lab at a STEM Academy. Science is my passion and I am so happy to be sharing and exchanging teaching ideas about science. I just started my blog and TPT store at the end of the last school year and I have felt so welcomed by fellow bloggers and Top Teachers! The support is amazing.
Today, I wanted to share a quick, fun activity that I did with my first graders last week, but fun for many ages. It is simple to set up. You need: baking soda, clear plastic cups or glass beakers, food coloring, spoons, and vinegar. Fill about one third of each cup up with vinegar beforehand. Place a drop of food coloring in each spoon and cover with baking soda, so the students can't see the food coloring. I use as many colors as I can find for the food coloring, so everyone has different colors. I pass out cups and spoons (with a drop of food coloring covered with baking soda) to each desk/table while they are watching brainpop jr. or studyjams.  Here is my free lab sheet for this activity:

Get your science on! :)


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