Monday, October 15, 2012

Chalk Ink Markers from Creekside Teacher Tales

Good evening Bloggy Land!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!! 
It's Tracy from Creekside Teacher Tales!  

I am thrilled to be a collaborator for this blog with the MANY fantastic teacher/bloggers.

I just wanted to share a little tip with you.
I discovered these genius markers last year that I can't get enough of!
Chalk ink markers
Who would have thought?  
They come in a variety of colors and brands!  
I bought mine at Michael's with a 50% off coupon.. Yippee!! 
Last year I used them on desks, walls, dry-erase boards, 
chalkboards, and windows!

Here are some two ways I have used them in my classroom this year:

Names on their desks :)

Laminated posters that I want to be able to change as needed!

I will continue to share more ways but the possibilities are endless! 
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more tips, freebies, and fabulous products!

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  1. These look almost as good as sliced bread (& would have won the contest if I weren't eating delicious cinnamon toast right now)!


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