Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloweenie Freebies

I am very VERY excited to be a part of this large group of educators who still love what they do and love to share it too.

I know we are all beat down by so many rules, and regulations that we know may or may not be "what's best for kids."  But when you have a group like teachers to lean on, it somehow doesn't feel so bad. In fact Blogging has re-energized me and I feel that I can take on the world for a few more years until the big R word takes over.

There are many Halloween activities out there, and I wanted to share a couple with you. I have a freebie about adjectives. My 2nd graders were more able to understand adjectives once they did a couple pages like these. So please feel free to grab them and try them with your group.

I also have an ABC Order activity you can pick up by clicking on the title.
AND. . . . . if you are still looking for some last minute Halloween Activities, go to my TPT Store and see what you can find there!

If you haven't found my blog, you can bop on over sometime and become my friend! I would love to see your blog too, so leave me your name and link, and I'll be right over. . .
I might even bring a McDonald's Diet Cok if that's your drink of choice!


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