Friday, October 26, 2012

Fern Smith's Swat ~ A Great Vocabulary Game!

These fly swatters were on sale 3 in a bag for a $1 at the Dollar General. I loved them so much I asked the hubby to jump in the truck and come on a quick 'field trip' with me! I bought 7 bags for $7, then I bought the ribbon at Wal*Mart for under 6 bucks. The basket was old and kicking around in our garage, so we cleaned that up and added the left over ribbon ~ ta-da! I'm feeling kind of crafty now! :)
To play SWAT, have the students write their vocabulary words on separate index cards, spread them around the top of the desk & let the games begin! They stand up & I called out each definition and then they "swat" each word. I also make up fill-in-the-blank sentences, opposites & "what comes first alphabetically?" etc. 
My students love it & it allows them to get their wiggles out!

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  1. Such a cute idea! My school neighbor has a bunch of those things stored in a closet. I will drag them out and do this next week. :)
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  2. Ohh I like this idea for SWAT! I've only ever played it Whole Group and it feels out of control, not to mention only a few kiddos get to participate at a time. I'm going to try this when we get close to the Holidays and kids are pretty rambunctious. I have about 10 swatters, I might look for some at the Dollar Store.

  3. love this and can see it adapted for younger kids- calling out a word 9ie:apple) and kids have to swat the letter it starts with on a letter mat or letter cards.
    I have a bunch of these swatters- we have dipped them in paint and then flung the paint at large paper taped on a wall outside- Jackson Pollock


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