Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Singular and Plural Nouns

This unit has been a big labor of love. Lots of classroom testing, getting feedback from my fabulous teammates and tweaking. As we navigated our way through the new Common Core standards, I realized I needed to "ramp up" my resources for plural nouns.

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I've done lots of revising and adding to this unit. What's been changed?

- Higher quality graphics and more printer-friendly pages as well. :)
- Individual anchor charts for each plural noun rule
- A printable to go with each "rule"
- A poetry connection and response
- Reader's Workshop connection response
- Revised "Playing with Plurals" game
- Additional matching/memory game for irregular plurals

What used to be a 14 page unit has now become a 30+ page mega-pack of resources for teaching plural nouns.

I also broke up the plural noun rules into 4 different charts. I found it was much easier for me to teach them one at a time than all at once. I like to print them out poster-size, laminate them and I'm able to use them with both of my classes.

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