Thursday, November 8, 2012

I think I'm hearing VOICES!

Do you do use VOICES in your classroom?
There are some things that are important but become VERY monotonous to do, even for the kids!  For example: Rote counting during calendar.  Is it important?  Yes.  Is it fun. .  .ummmm not really.

So, we spice up our rote tasks by occasionally using a "fun" voice when doing them.  They perk right up when they know they'll get to use a "voice!"
This year I'm trying to put more choices into my students' hands. 
I use my Lucky Duck sticks to pick the student who gets to pick the voice we use.
Since I'm letting them pick this year I've made cards to remind the students what their "voice choices" are.  I'm going to put these cards on a ring for the Lucky Duck person to look at when they pick.
It makes rote things like counting, alphabet flashcards, sight word flashcards, etc just a little more exciting for everyone!

If you'd like a copy of our voices cards please click HERE.

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