Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Poetry Book Freebie

In my classroom, I love to use poetry to increase fluency.  Teaching poetry uses these 2nd grade common core standards: 2.RL.10 and 2.RF.4.   I made my students poetry books that they keep in their book boxes and I introduce a new poem every week.  Sometimes it is a rhyming poem, sometimes a chant, and sometimes a song.  I write the poem on chart paper and pass out a typed version for kids to cut out and glue int ehr books.  My students love taking out their poetry books during independent reading time and re-reading all the poems we have learned so far!

Jonas' Plant Cycle poem with illustration

Carl's Poetry book cover

To see where I find the poems I use each week, check out this blog post.  Also, head over to my TpT store to pick up a free copy of my poetry book cover.  Directions for assembling the books are included in the product description.

Do you love to teach through poetry, as well? 

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