Friday, December 6, 2013

It's A December Frenzy!

Want FREEBIES?   I've joined a group of Facebook friends and THERE'S A FRENZY GOING ON!!!!!   December 6th-9th...You will find lots of 3rd grade Math and Science FREEBIES!   Here is a map of the 3rd Grade Math and Science December Frenzy (so you'll know where to start or if you get lost)!  If you're not 3rd grade, NO WORRIES!  Keep scrolling...there are December Frenzies for EVERYONE!  If possible, participate in ALL of the December Frenzies!

3rd Grade Math and Science December Frenzy Order

Start Here…. Evil Math Wizard

Check out MORE December Frenzies!

Click the picture below and download the PDF!  After downloading, click on each picture to download ALL of the AMAZING freebies that my friends have to offer!

Thanks to Jennifer from Crayons, Cuties & Common Core for the graphic!
Thanks to Heather over at Creative Castle Resources 
for starting these frenzies!

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