Thursday, January 31, 2013

$hop on $unday and $ave!

Yes, Sunday is the Super Bowl football game.

Yes, the commercials are as exciting as the game.

Yes, YOU want to do some major shopping on Sunday.

Yes, you will get 28% off when you use the code word SUPER before you check out!

There are many blogs who will be participating. 

Click on any one of these links below to go to some of the stores that are offering their items on sale. 

Second In Line
Terri's Teaching Treasures
Elementary Matters
LMN Tree
Ms. Fultz's Corner 
Fun in Room 4B
Fabulously First
Conversations in Literacy
The Extra Energetic Educator

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Using Apostrophes In Contractions

This quarter we are studying using contractions and correctly placing the apostrophe.  We have done tons and tons of activities!!!

We have sang songs

Played games
Sorted words
and created a foldable as a formative assessment with a checklist for students to make sure they were on the right track!

Want to read more and get some freebies?  ALL of the printables are free!  Make sure to hop on over to my blog to check it out!  Click here!

I just added a few new Valentine activities that are oh so cute! They are made with DJ Inkers clipart and fonts from Christina Bainbridge.

You can get one of these activities by just leaving me a message and I'll pick three lucky winners on Thursday after school.

Just head on over to my blog Second In Line and you'll be able to see them.

There is also a freebie at the very end if you can handle reading that far!

Good Luck


Second In Line

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Bowl Activities

Can you believe the Super Bowl is next weekend? 

I have a couple of freebies that are perfect for the week leading up to the Super Bowl!
Here's a math freebie for primary grades.  Children work their way around the football themed game board, telling 3 digit numbers that come directly after the one given.

Here's a map to help the children find the 3 key places involved in the Super Bowl:  the cities of the two teams playing, and the host city!

Come on over to Elementary Matters to download these two freebies!

100th Day of School Crafts

Are you ready for the 100th day of school? I have all that you need in my 100th Day of School: Polar Bear Party Craft Pack.
100th day of school printables

This 100 Days of School Craft Party Pack has all you need to celebrate the 100th Day of School in your classroom including a Polar Bear 100 days hat, a 100 days of school banner,  a 100 Days Smarter necklace, and a 100 Days of school chain.

100th day of school necklace

 You can find this 100 Day Craft set at my Sweet Tea Classroom blog {HERE}.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Number Sense With Cuisenaire Rods

I have some students in my class who don't quite have "number sense".  These are the kids who still don't automatically "count on" when adding two numbers together, or determining the sum of two dice.  They still count the dots!  These kids need more "hands on" opportunity to get to know these numbers inside out!

I absolutely LOVE Cuisenaire Rods for helping children develop their number sense.  I posted about them a while ago with THIS POST about using Cuisenaire Rods to practice math facts and fact families.  I've got some kids who need to back up even further and really need to get to know the individual numbers by using these manipulatives.

Come on over to Elementary Matters to see my ideas on using Cuisenaire Rods to develop Number Sense and download this freebie!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beanie Toss to 100

Here's a freebie that's perfect for Day 100 or any day of the year that your students need to practice adding tens.

Plus, it works toward Common Core Standards:

I have a lot of beanie babies in my classroom, but simple bean bags would suffice.

The children simply toss the bean bags from behind the line and record their score!  If the bag lands in the center circle, they score 30 points!  If the bag lands in the outer circle, they score 10 points.  

Yep, it's that simple, and guaranteed to give you loads of giggles! Plus, there's a subtraction alternative! Come on over to Elementary Matters to download your freebie.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Freebie Frames

Aloha everyone! This is Corinna from Surfin' Through Second.  I am happy to be a contributor to Tips for Top Teachers!

Many of us these days are creating fun and exciting items for out classroom and for TpT.  I have dabbled a bit in making my own digital papers and now frames to use in my products.

This is a set of Swirly Doodle Frames that you can grab for free in my TpT store.

I would love to hear what you think about these or any other freebies you might grab.

I would also love it if you stopped by my blog Surfin' Through Second sometime.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter in New England

I've always had a love/ hate relationship with winter.  I grew up in New England, so I'm no stranger to snow.  I've been sledding, skiing, tubing on snow, snowmobiling, and ice skating.  I've made snow forts, snow angels, and snowmen.  I've done plenty of shoveling and scraping ice off the car.  I've got plenty of experience driving in the snow and can manipulate my way out of a major skid.  I've driven white knuckled to many a destination.

I love how excited the kids get after a snow.  I love their rosy cheeks and the swish, swish, swish of the kids all wrapped up in their snow clothes.  I love how the fresh fallen snow sparkles in the sunlight.

But I'm not so fond of driving in it, shoveling it, or just plain being cold.  And I don't like the short days and long nights.

But, I have to admit, it's a great opportunity to do fun learning activities!  Come on over to Elementary Matters to see some recommendations on winter themed books, some learning games, and ideas to help you get through the winter!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Excuses to Motivate!

I think holidays are a great excuse to motivate the kids to want to practice their skills.  In my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I have a whole lot of games to practice skills that are related to holidays.  When I realized how many holidays and special days are coming up, I thought it was a great time to have a Dollar Sale!  The following items (and several others!) are all related to upcoming holidays, and will be priced at $1.00 until Friday the 18th!


Come on over to Elementary Matters to learn more about the Dollar Sale!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Martin Luther King Activities and Resources

I love teaching my students about Martin Luther King Jr.  He was an incredible man, and stood for peace.  Although I'm giving away my age, I remember when he was shot.  I was a little too young to understand the impact at the time. (I was far more interested in the boys than the politics of the day.) today I can't watch his speech without tears rushing down my face.  It disturbs me to think that a man who worked so hard for non-violence was killed in such a violent way.

At my blog, Elementary Matters, I have a variety or resources including this freebie that will spark a lot of valuable conversation about Dr. King and the principles he fought for!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fun Winter Writing Prompts

Bring the fun of winter into the classroom with these fun and creative winter writing prompts. It's the time of the year when students can write about polar bears, penguins, snow, snowballs, sledding, ice skating and more. These winter story starters encourage students to be creative and come up with creative stories with their winter story starters. Plus, they are perfect for your winter writing centers.

Head on over to my blog, Sweet Tea Classroom, to find out more.
story starters

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thank You Note Freebie

When we left before vacation, we had just had our holiday party and lots of gifts were given to the class.  (Instead of giving gifts to each other, everyone brought in a gift for the whole class!  We got recess games, craft materials, gluesticks, white board markers, books, crayons, erasers, and more!)

My college aged daughter came in to help out at the party, and one of her tasks was to keep a list of who gave what present to the class.  (Just like a wedding shower!)

It's time for the thank you cards!

I made a blank Thank You Note for you to copy.  Just run off the pages back to back to make it into card form.  You can download it on my blog Elementary Matters.

Thank you notes and any kind of letter will work to address this Common Core Standard:

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.2.2b Use commas in greetings and closings of letters.
Enjoy writing your Thank You notes!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

13 Ideas for 2013

I can't believe I've already reached the end of my holiday vacation!  I'd certainly love another week to catch up and relax!

But I don't have that luxury, so I've coming up with a list of 13 for 2013.  Be sure to come on over to Elementary Matters for some great ideas to start the new year with your kiddos, and to download this January calendar filled with interesting, unusual holidays to celebrate with the little ones!

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