Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter in New England

I've always had a love/ hate relationship with winter.  I grew up in New England, so I'm no stranger to snow.  I've been sledding, skiing, tubing on snow, snowmobiling, and ice skating.  I've made snow forts, snow angels, and snowmen.  I've done plenty of shoveling and scraping ice off the car.  I've got plenty of experience driving in the snow and can manipulate my way out of a major skid.  I've driven white knuckled to many a destination.

I love how excited the kids get after a snow.  I love their rosy cheeks and the swish, swish, swish of the kids all wrapped up in their snow clothes.  I love how the fresh fallen snow sparkles in the sunlight.

But I'm not so fond of driving in it, shoveling it, or just plain being cold.  And I don't like the short days and long nights.

But, I have to admit, it's a great opportunity to do fun learning activities!  Come on over to Elementary Matters to see some recommendations on winter themed books, some learning games, and ideas to help you get through the winter!


  1. Just found your blog! LOVE it! I'm your newest follower! I'm a relative newbie to blogging...but building my blog each day! Hope we can share ideas in the future!

  2. I hear ya Sally... I am from Buffalo! I love the snow, but come February it starts to get a little old. :) And I love Owl Moon, its one of my favorites!
    On another note-- would you be able to tell me who I can get in touch with in regards to collaborating? Thanks for any help you can give! (My email is if that is easier. Thanks, I really appreciate it!)

    Mrs. Jones’s Kindergarten


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